Posts and updates for 25th March.

I am changing the way I upload posts on the school website. Each day I will upload new post throughout the day so every new post does not push older posts from the feed.

Please let me know if you feel this is working or would like individual post put up.

Please find below Posts for 25th March:

A document with  resources for EAL Learners. Home learning ideas for EAL learners and families (1)

Advice for parents and carers: COVID19_advice-for-parents-and-carers_20.3_

Parent and Carer update:

Dear Parents/Carers.

All at St Cuthbert’s continue to send their best wishes to you and your families in these challenging times.

We will continue to update our app, website and Learning Journals (the issue with the messaging facility has been resolved!)with new information and resources. If you are in contact with any parents/carers who are not engaging with our electronic platforms please continue to encourage them to do so. Thank you!

As you know, teachers are updating their class TEAMS groups daily with new work.  Thanks again for engaging with both the on and offline (paper folders) learning we are providing. Reports from teachers suggest a rise again today in levels of pupil participation. Again, if you are aware of any parents or carers who are unable to access this learning please direct them to our admin mailbox. Please continue to use the messaging facility on TEAMS to raise any questions about learning, this facility allows teachers to provide real time answers to your children’s questions within school hours.

I have been in regular contact with staff over the last 3 days and they have been feeding back their positive experiences of pupil learning: for example, Miss Donnelly described how viewing and feeding back on artwork her LCC1 pupils had posted in their class TEAM had really given her a lift. Mrs Banks in P5 also shared the information that she has been given permission by the author of her class’ novel to record and share herself reading excerpts from the novel for the class. We would also welcome any feedback you, as parents and carers, would like to share about the learning provided this week, this can be done via the admin mailbox listed below.

Remember that we are here to support you and that we welcome any queries or questions you have, please contact our admin mailbox:  to make us aware of these. We will respond as quickly as we can.

Issues with logging into Microsoft 365 seem to have decreased again today, but we are still here to help if you continue to experience any such issues, please again contact our admin mailbox.

Finally, I spoke with Fr Duffy today. He passes on his prayers and good wishes to all of our pupils, families and staff. He asked me to share that St Cuthbert’s and Our Ladies Church buildings remain closed and that he will be sharing further information via the parish website in the meantime.

We will post further updates tomorrow, until then, thanks once again for your support!

Kind Regards

Pat Brack, Acting Head Teacher and all at St Cuthberts.

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