Posts and Updates: 26th March

Please find the posts and updates for 26th March here:

Free School Meal FAQ: FSM FAQs

Dear Parents/Carers.

Thanks for your continued support as we reach the end of this first week of school closures.

Remember that we are here to support you and that we welcome any queries or questions you have, please contact our admin mailbox:  to make us aware of these. We will respond as quickly as we can.

We will continue to update our website, app and Learning Journals with any relevant information we can. For example, today we published a document answering frequently asked questions relating to Free School Meals during this time of school closure.

Our teachers are continuing to provide creative and innovative learning on a daily basis as well as answering questions posed by pupils using Microsoft Teams. They report back very positively about the pupils engagement. Please continue to encourage your children to engage with this learning.

We will post further updates tomorrow, until then, thanks once again for your support!

Kind Regards

Pat Brack, Acting Head Teacher and all at St Cuthberts.


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