Parent and Carer update: 2nd April

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we near the end of term, thank you once again for your ongoing support. Please see update below from St Cuthbert’s Primary:

P7 Transition Forum – 21st April 2020

This initiative is intended to support those current P7 pupils who will be attending St Augustine’s High School in academic year 2020-21. The dedicated Microsoft Team will allow staff from St Augustine’s to share information about the school with pupils and allow pupils to put their questions to staff within a safe, moderated environment. Miss Munro will send invitations to relevant pupils asking them to join the Team tomorrow. The Team will not go live until 21st April however.

Learning Journals for Term 1 and Term 2

You should now be able to view your children’s Term 1 and Term 2 observations on Learning Journals. We hope you enjoy viewing these and discussing them with your children. Thank you to all of you have registered for this platform over the last week or two, if you haven’t already done so, please contact our admin mailbox (see below for address) to register.

For the attention of Applicants and Potential Applicants for places at St Cuthbert’s Nursery, August 2020

We posted a letter yesterday from City of Edinburgh Council on all of our platforms. The letter relates to nursery provision for 2020-21. Please read it and let us know if you have any questions about its contents. If you cannot find the letter on our platforms, please let us know and we can e-mail it to you via the admin mailbox.

Message from Fr Duffy and St Cuthbert’s Parish

Fr Duffy will be posting his Palm Sunday Mass on St Cuthbert’s Parish website. He also asked me to pass on his best wishes and prayers to all of you.

Please continue to contact us with any feedback, comments or questions you have via our admin mailbox:  

Best wishes to you all

Pat Brack, Acting HT and all at St Cuthberts Primary School

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