CEC Letter re: Nursery provision

Dear Parent/Carer
You may be aware that the Scottish Government has made the very difficult decision to
postpone the statutory entitlement of every child to receive 1140 hours of funded Early
Learning and Childcare from 1.8.2020. Edinburgh Council were on track to provide this
entitlement for all eligible children and has been phasing in a plan over the past two years.
This has included provision in local authority settings, private providers, childminders and independent nurseries.
As part of this provision, new local authority nursery buildings were being constructed to accommodate the large numbers of spaces required to ensure that all our children received their entitlement. A recruitment drive was also underway in order to staff settings.
The impact of the corona virus has meant that our plans will not be ready for August 2020; the new nursery buildings will not be completed and the staff will not all be recruited in time to provide everyone with 1140 hours of ELC.
Therefore, I am writing to inform you that it will be necessary to amend our plans for the
implementation of 1140 placements. I know that some parents will be very disappointed by this news as you might already have incorporated this entitlement into your childcare plans for August.
We will look at the allocation of places and confirm what we are able to allocate to you for August. There will also be information posted on our website shortly that indicates the flexibility of access to places across the city so that parents can make informed choices for their child. Ensuring the quickest delivery of 1140 funded entitlement to all Edinburgh`s children will be a priority once we have managed through these difficult times. I know that parents, although disappointed will understand and I will endeavour to keep you informed at the earliest possible time. I appreciate that school staff will be stopping for the Easter break but we will be in contact with parents as soon as possible.
In the meantime, please keep safe and I wish you and your family well.
Yours sincerely
Lynn Paterson
Senior Education Manager

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