Parent and Carer update 28th April

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see Tuesday’s update below.

Transition Letter for Parents/Carers of P7 Pupils Attending St Augustine’s High School in 2020-21

This letter, written by the Depute Head Teacher of St Augustine’s is intended for parents/carers of P7 pupils who will be attending St Augustine’s next year (2020-21). It includes valuable information about both the school and the transition process. The letter has been added to the P7 Team today by Miss Munro and will also be added to Learning Journals for P7 parents/carers only. Please let us know if you have any difficulties accessing it.

Remember that all relevant pupils have also been made members of the Transition Team started by staff at St Augustine’s, which provides information in a variety of formats as well as the opportunity to ask written questions (using the messaging function of Teams) about the school in a safe and secure environment.

Contact Us

We will continue to communicate daily via our app, website, Learning Journals and Twitter. You don’t need to check every platform as the same information is shared on each to ensure we have the widest outreach possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to share your views. This can be done using our admin mailbox:

Kind Regards

Pat Brack, Acting HT and all at St Cuthbert’s.

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