Parent and Carers Update: 30th April

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see brief but important update for Thursday 30th April below.

Annual Pupil Progress Reports and Termly Observations via Learning Journals

We will share our annual pupil progress reports via Learning Journals on 22nd June. These reports will cover: Literacy, Numeracy/Maths, Health and Wellbeing as well as Religious Education. They will communicate pupil strengths in and next steps for each of these curricular areas.

We will also publish our next round of termly observations of learning for this term on 22nd May, again via Learning Journals. These will focus on Digital Learning.

If you still need to register for Learning Journals or have any other questions about the above information, please do not hesitate to contact me via the admin mailbox (

Digital Learning

There continues to be very high levels of engagement with the digital learning being provided by our teachers. Thank you again for your support and co-operation with this endeavour. Our aim is to provide high quality, learning for all of our pupils. If you are having any difficulties accessing our digital learning or wish to share any comments you have relating to it, please contact us. This can be done using our admin mailbox: . We will always respond and do so as quickly as we can.

First Holy Communions – Ongoing Preparation

As Fr Duffy communicated last week, unfortunately this important event has been postponed until further notice. Please be assured however that Miss Donnelly is continuing to set candidates weekly tasks relating to preparation for reception of the sacrament. This work is also being sent to first communion candidates in other classes. Fr Duffy has approved this approach. He will communicate a revised date for the celebration of First Holy Communions as soon as this becomes possible.

Kind Regards

Pat Brack, Acting HT and all at St Cuthbert’s.

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