Parent and Carer Update: 15th May

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see update below for Friday 15th May.

Uniform Day – Friday 15th May 2020

Thanks to all for their participation. Some fantastic photos; this was a really simple but uplifting idea which worked well thanks to your support. Miss Munro has posted a collage of photos on the school app and twitter (@Stcuthbertsrcp)

Edinburgh Evening News – P7 Photos

Usually at this time of year, our local newspaper takes photos of the P7 class groups and produces a souvenir pull-out containing the photos of local schools in May/June. Unfortunately, that is not possible this year. The Evening News have however come up with an alternative and we have posted a letter from them on our website, app and Learning Journals Platform – please read it thoroughly.

EEN parent letter P7 2020

Although the letter states that the children can wear whatever they like in the picture you supply to them. As the children are representing St Cuthbert’s, I would like to ask that they wear school uniform and stand respectfully with a smile on their faces – so that the end result is something similar to the picture that would have appeared in a normal year!

From the school’s point of view this is an optional opportunity and no parent/carer should feel pressured to take part. Equally, if you like their proposal please feel very welcome to email your photograph to the Evening News – as per the instructions in their letter.  Please note that the deadline of 21st May must be adhered to.  No late photographs will be included.  Please also note that St Cuthbert’s Primary School accept no responsibility for the final printed supplement.

Parent/Carer Survey on Learning Journals – Update

Today is the end date for the survey, thanks for your sharing your views with us. We will feed back on the survey next week.

Stationery Resources – Monday 18th May – 9.30-10.30am

We thought it might be helpful to families to provide some additional resources such as jotters, pencils, rubbers etc.  A small selection of these items will be available from a trolley placed just inside the school gates on Monday. You are very welcome indeed to take anything you need. Please observe social distancing rules whilst doing so and note that the school building itself will remain closed. This will be done on an initial pilot basis to assess levels of demand – we will try to repeat if popular.

May Holiday  – Monday 18th May

A reminder that Monday 18th May is the last bank holiday of this term.  There will be no online learning or daily update on this day.

We hope you and your family enjoy the long weekend.

Kind regards

Pat Brack, Acting HT and all at St Cuthbert’s Primary.

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