Parent and Carer Update: 17th June

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see update for Wednesday 17th June below.

Parents and Carers of New P1 2020-21 Pupils – Contact Calls From School

Our admin team will make telephone contact with all new P1 families by close of play on Monday 22nd June. The purpose of these calls will be to provide further transition information.

P7-S1 Transition Day 2

We hope that all went well for our P7 pupils during day 2 of transition activities.

Class Structure and Teachers for Session 2020-21

We will communicate details of our class structure and teachers for next session via the school app and Learning Journals on Monday 22nd June at 10am.  We will also communicate the information to our pupils via Teams at the exact same time. If you require any support accessing either of these digital platforms please let us know via the admin mailbox. (

Annual Progress Reports via Learning Journals – Monday 22nd June 2020

These will be published via Learning Journals on Monday 22nd June. Please contact our admin mailbox (  if you still need to register for Learning Journals or have any difficulties logging in.

Kind regards

Pat Brack, HT and all at St Cuthbert’s Primary.

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