Parent and Carer Update: 24th June

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see important updates for Wednesday 24th June below.

August 2020 Return To School Arrangements – Letter from City of Edinburgh Council

A letter was sent to all parents today from Andy Gray, Chief Education Officer at City of Edinburgh Council re plans for schools as of August 2020. I attach it again for your convenience.

ParentCarer Letter SG Statement on Reopening of Schools 24 June20 (002)

As things now stand, the plan is that all pupils will return as normal on the 12th August at 8.55am. The only exception being our new P1’s, who will return on a phased basis over the first 3 days of term, arrangements for this phased return will be confirmed with P1 parents via separate communication. Each P1 pupil will be in school from 9am-12pm on either Wednesday or Thursday. All P1 pupils will  however attend school together on Friday 14th August

As Andy Gray’s letter states “”Further updates will be shared on the Council’s website and you will be alerted to any new information using the text alert system.””

New P1 Induction Packs

Thanks to all of those who collected their packs today. We hope you find them useful. Please contact me via the admin mailbox, ( if you have any questions relating to its contents.

Annual Progress Reports via Learning Journals

Thank you for the positive feedback you have been leaving on our Learning Journals reports. These are much appreciated. Please also note that if you have any issues, with your login you can contact our admin mailbox for support. Please note as per screen-shot below, that it is possible to have a reminder of your password on Learning Journals sent to you.

Class Teams Name Change and Teachers and Video Message to Pupils From New Teachers

We will change our current class Teams to their new names for next session tomorrow.

The new teachers for each class will send a video message to their new class Team on Thursday so that all pupils are familiar with their new teachers face and voice ahead of our return in August. I will also add a brief video message from myself to each Team.

Both Teams name changes and messages will take effect by lunchtime tomorrow.

P7 Yearbooks Delivery – Tomorrow

Both myself and Miss Munro are very keen that P7 do not miss out on the traditional P7 yearbooks. Miss Munro has worked really hard to make this document a fitting souvenir of our P7’s time at St Cuthbert’s. We hope you and the children enjoy reading them!

To this end, Miss Munro and Mrs Skelly plan to deliver the year book and return belongings, school work etc to P7 pupils homes on Thursday 25th June. They will start their visits from 10am. This is purely optional and if you do not wish a visit, we will very much respect your wishes. Please let us know by return of e-mail to our admin mailbox if you do not wish a visit.

Kind regards

Pat Brack, HT and all at St Cuthbert’s Primary.

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