Parent and Carer Update: 25th June

Dear Parents/Carers,

Another lovely, sunny day today, the second last day of term. Thanks for your support throughout this term.  Please see update for Thursday 25th June below.

End of Term 12pm – Friday 26th June

Please note that term ends officially on the above date, at the above time. There will be no further digital learning after this time as both staff and pupils will officially be on summer holidays.

A final daily update will be posted on the school website, app and learning journals tomorrow afternoon. Daily Updates will cease after this point but further relevant information will be shared over the summer holidays, particularly with regard to arrangements for August 2020.

Teams Technical Issues Today – An Apology!

Unfortunately, we had some issues with changing Teams names and posting videos from myself and new teachers today.

We will ensure that these videos are up on class Teams before 12pm tomorrow.

We won’t unfortunately be able to change the Teams names over now this term.

Sincere apologies for any confusion caused by these technical issues today.

P7 Yearbooks Delivery

Thank you to Miss Munro and Mrs Skelly for their sterling efforts today. I hope that seeing and speaking to their teacher and another member of P7 school staff today  as well as receiving the high quality yearbook helped provide some positive form of closure to the year for our P7 pupils. As we said just prior to closure, we hope to bring P7 back for some form of official good-bye in the new session. Thanks for making our staff welcome today.

Annual Progress Reports via Learning Journals

Thank you for the positive feedback you have been leaving on our Learning Journals reports. These are much appreciated. Please also note that if you have any issues, with your login you can contact our admin mailbox for support. Please note as per screen-shot below, that it is possible to have a reminder of your password on Learning Journals sent to you.

Kind regards

Pat Brack, HT and all at St Cuthbert’s Primary.

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