Newsletter: 21st August 2020

St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School

Newsletter 2 – Friday 21st August 2020

St Cuthbert’s CARES We are: Creative Active Respectful Equal Supported

Good afternoon everyone, it has been another quick and positive week, and pupils and staff at St Cuthbert’s are making real progress in accommodating themselves to the ‘new normal’. There is a lot of information in this week’s newsletter, I hope you can spare the time to read through it. Thanks once again for your continued support!

After School Club Update

Please note that our after-school care provider partner Gingerbread are now able to offer their services again as of this week. If you are interested in accessing after school care with them, please contact Gingerbread directly.


telephone: 0131 478 1391 or 07825925846 website:

Breakfast Club: Re-opening Update

We are hoping to reopen the Breakfast Club on Monday 31st August 2020. In keeping with the City of Edinburgh Council’s guidance, the breakfast club will comply with Covid 19 risk assessments and clear records and registers will be kept to allow for effective tracing through Test and Protect. Although we are keeping class bubbles separate within the school day, blended placements to support families for childcare are permitted when necessary and where risk is mitigated. If numbers remain at 30 or under we can keep the pupils in one group. Over 30 and we will be required to split groups and spaces used. Pupils within a group of 30 or fewer children are not required to attend every day and can attend on those days that suit parents. We will seek to maximise the use of the designated space outside the breakfast club for outdoor play wherever possible too. In terms of access, the main door will be open from 8am and all pupils attending should be dropped at main school entry gate by parents/carers. The exception being, parents/carers of pupils in P1-3, who may enter the playground and drop pupils at the front door. Breakfast Club will be in operation from 8 am until pupils’ respective start times. I would appreciate if you could email if you wish to use this service for week beginning 31st August. The school will then send a form home with identified pupils and we would appreciate if you could return this by Wednesday 26th August 2020. The charge will be £1.50 per day for the

first child and £1 per day for any additional children. These costs may change in the future. Thank you.

Flu Vaccination Letters

A reminder that the flu vaccination consent forms sent out this week are due back by 31st August. These vaccinations are always important but particularly so in the current situation we find ourselves in. Thank you for your support with this.

Ordering School Milk

A letter enabling parents/carers to order milk for the year was shared this week. Please return any reservations to our school office by 26th August 2020.

Data Capture Forms

Please return the completed data capture, KIC and photographic permission forms which will be issued on Monday 24th August by Friday 4th September.

Social Distancing Outside the Playground/Gates

Thanks for your patience and cooperation in ensuring that our new routines have been successfully embedded over the last week. Can I please ask that you continue to remain mindful of social distancing at all times. Both the First Minister and National Clinical Director have this week- stressed the importance of maintaining this social distance to our nations’ health. We greatly appreciate the efforts you are making to do so. Thank you.

Pupil Medicines

If your child requires medication whilst at school this year, please ensure that you contact our office and complete the necessary paperwork and procedures.

St Cuthbert’s Nursery

The building within our grounds to the left of the main school building will become our school nursery. Our 2 newly appointed Seniors (Faye Shumba and Laura Maguire) are now in post and preparations for opening are ongoing. The current planned opening date is late October this year (this is dependent on confirmation from City of Edinburgh Council). If you would like your child to attend our nursery, you can send your application form to the Early Years inbox . Provided you also select a second and third choice on the application form, City of Edinburgh Council will be able to provide you with an alternative placing until St Cuthbert’s is ready.

Start and End Times (These will apply until further notice)

Our Learning This Week in St Cuthbert’s Primary School

As per City of Edinburgh Council’s advice, as well as our regular curricular work, our learning in all classes this week has continued to focus on:

• Reconnecting relationships – supporting the re-establishment of peer to peer and adult to children/young people relationships

• Acknowledging experiences – being curious, acknowledging feelings and reactions and creating time and space for dialogue

• Creating a nurturing environment

• Supporting our learners to build resilience

Head Teacher Availability

As above, please continue to feel very welcome at any time to contact me by phone or arrange an appointment with me in person if you have any questions or if I can help in any other way.

Class Playground 

Access for      Enter and Exit School By    Start Time     End of Day      End of Day    Parents/Carers

P1 Yes,                  via side entrance gate              8.45am          2.50pm              12.05pm                                             P1 class door

P2 Yes,                   via side entrance                      9am            3.05pm                    12.25pm                                         gate Infant Entrance

P3 Yes,                   via main entrance gate         8.55am         3.20pm                  12.30pm                                              Main Door

P4 No                     Main Door                                    9.05am         3.30pm                 12.40pm

P5 No              Upper School Entrance                   8.55am         3.20pm                12.30pm

P6 No               Upper School Entrance                     9am               3.25pm             12.35pm

P7 No               Upper School Entrance                   9.05am             3.30pm             12.40pm

LCC1 Yes,          via back entrance gate.                8.55am                3.20pm             12.20pm                                         LCC Door

LCC2 Yes,          via back entrance gate.                8.55am                3.20pm             12.20pm                                         LCC Door

A Message from our local Parish – St. Cuthbert’s, Slateford/Sacraments Update

Fr Duffy passes on his best wishes to all of our families on their return to school. Attendance at Mass can now be secured by booking online. Please see details on the parish website.

Saturday 6pm – Vigil Mass

Sunday 10am – Parish Mass

Sunday 5pm – Additional Mass

Now that we are back at school, Fr Duffy and myself will shortly be discussing plans for celebrating the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. We will share these with you as soon as possible.


I hope that you and your families have a great weekend!

Kind regards.

Mr P Brack, Head Teacher

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