Newsletter 9: 9th 0ctober

     St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School

                           Newsletter 9– Friday 9th October 2020

        St Cuthbert’s CARES We are: Creative Active Respectful Equal Supported

Good afternoon all,

You will have received a letter yesterday from Andy Gray, Head of Schools, thanking you for the role you and other parents throughout Edinburgh have played in facilitating our return to school this term, please allow me to add my thanks (translated copies of this letter, in a number of languages will be available early next week via this link Inclusion Hub – Letter to parents 081020 translations

We will continue our regular communication with you as always, please however continue to contact us by telephone (0131 443 2621) or via our admin mailbox ( if you have any questions about the school’s response to the Covid situation or anything else that you would like to ask. I hope you find the detailed information below both informative and useful. Please note that due to a technical issue the newsletter this week will only be available on the school app and Learning Journals.

Procedure if a Positive Case Occurs

As the infection rate continues to grow, I’m sure many of you are wondering what will happen if a positive case was to occur in our school. This is something we of course, do not want to happen but think it best to be prepared. The main points of our planned response, informed by City of Edinburgh Council guidance are listed below:

  1. All parents/carers would be informed by text that there is a case of Covid 19 in the school. A similar confirmation will be placed on our school website and app also stating that our contact tracing process is underway.
  2. Parents of any pupils who need to self-isolate for 14 days will be telephoned and texted to inform them of this requirement. They will also receive a confirmatory letter.
  3. Once the contact tracing process is completed, another text will then be sent to the whole school community to confirm that the contact tracing procedure is complete and that those who have not been advised to isolate should continue to attend school as normal. Similar information will be placed on the school website and app.

Please also be aware that these procedures are subject to change as circumstances change. Should you require clarification of any of this, please contact me and I will be very happy to explain.

School Uniform Re-launch

We said in August, that for the initial weeks of term uniform would be optional, whilst we assessed the impact of outdoor learning. We are now in a position, where having reviewed the issue we would like uniform to be worn again throughout our school community.

Wearing school uniform helps create a feeling of oneness and belonging.  Everyone is on the same ‘team’.  A sense of loyalty emerges and everyone wearing the same uniform also promotes equality and fairness. Details of our recommended uniform are listed below:

COLOURS                     Royal Blue Sweatshirts, fleeces and polo shirts in the school colour can be ordered online.

BLAZER                        Royal Blue with Badge

TIE                              Royal Blue and Yellow (these can be purchased from the school and P7 will be supplied with ties by the school, as part of their leadership role within our community)

GIRLS                          Grey Skirt/Trousers

                                    White polo shirt/White Blouse with school tie

                                    Royal Blue School Sweatshirt/cardigan

                                    Blazer/Royal Blue Fleece, School shoes – black

BOYS                           Grey Trousers

                                    White polo shirt/White Shirt with school tie

                                    Royal Blue School Sweatshirt

                                    Blazer/Royal Blue Fleece, School shoes – black

The parts of the uniform that include school branding can be ordered via Borders Embroidery. See link below

Other parts of the uniform can be purchased from local supermarkets and other clothing shops.

When the current situation changes, we hope to reinstate our uniform thrift shop that our parents established last year. We will let you know as soon as this is possible.  In the meantime, please contact the school office if you require an item of clothing from the thrift shop. 

Border Embroideries –

Black History Month

In the cause of promoting equality and inclusion, our classes have been learning about black history. We will share some of this learning on twitter next week.

Eco-school Update:

The school has started working on the renewal of our Eco-school green flag. Due to the current restrictions, Miss Pusker and Primary 3 have taken this on as a class responsibility for now and will ask the different classes across the school to get involved and help with the specific tasks throughout the year. The last few weeks Primary 3 has been working on understanding the purpose of Eco-schools and started on carrying out environmental reviews in litter and waste minimalization topics.

Digital Communication at St Cuthbert’s School

We are aware that the school now uses a number of digital platforms. Please see below a list of what we are communicating and what platforms we use to do so. This will hopefully clarify and simplify the situation:

  1. School Website: At the moment this is being used primarily for posting our weekly newsletter. We will also post our school Recovery and Renewal Plan on this platform by start of November for parent/carer information. We will look to develop our website more fully over the coming year. It can be accessed by searching.

2. School App – This is used for sending out letters and other communications in an eco-friendly paperless way. We also post the weekly newsletter on the app. Should you require further information about downloading the app, please contact our admin mailbox.

3.Twitter –  We use this to share learning from each class weekly. The twitter handle is:


4.Learning Journals – This is a secure password protected website. We use this for termly sharing of pupil learning in Literacy, Numeracy/Maths and HWB. We also share our end of session reports via this platform. If we wish to survey parent/carer opinion securely, we also use this platform. The same newsletter that we post on the website and app is also shared on Learning Journals. If you are not registered or require further support using Learning Journals, please contact our DHT, Mrs Holden via the admin mailbox.

Resumption of Homework  – MS Teams Login Information

We sent out print copies of the login guide this week and uptake of homework seems very positive. Please contact our mailbox, if you have any questions about Teams.

School October Holidays – Monday 19th October to Monday 26th October 2020

Please note the above dates. Monday 26th October is an in-service day. Staff will be in on this date but pupils resume on 27th October 2020.

October Break – Scottish Government Advice

Please remember that the Scottish Government have advised against ALL overseas travel during the October holidays.  If you must travel for essential reasons please be aware that the list of exempt countries may change at short notice, on public health grounds. This means you may have to isolate for fourteen days on your return.

New School Dinner Menus for Post October Holidays

We were advised that these would be on Parent Pay at some point this week but there has been a short delay.  They are now expected to be available from next week.  Please note that the last date to book lunches for w/c 26th October will be Wednesday 14th October. We have been informed by City of Edinburgh Council that any lunches for this week ordered before today will need to be reordered. Please also see below the photos, of how the menu will be served to pupils.

School Photographs – Tuesday 24th November 2020

At the moment, we are hopeful that Covid restrictions compliant, individual and family photos will be able to be taken in school on the above date. More information will follow nearer the time.

First Holy Communions Update – November 14th, 21st and 28th 2020

Fr Duffy will create two new letters after the October holidays:

  1. The first will provide details of health and safety protocols for each celebration of First Holy Communion.
  2. The second letter will ask for details of guests (all candidates are entitled to have 5 guests attend, this includes friends and family). This letter should be returned to our school office who will forward to Fr Duffy with strictest confidence.

First Reconciliations Update (Current P4 Pupils Only) – Booking Now for December 2020

Parents/Carers of pupils who were in P3 last year and should have celebrated their First Reconciliation in March 2020, will have the opportunity to celebrate the sacrament in December: between the dates of Saturday 5th and Saturday 12th December. Parents/carers can select either a Saturday or weeknight slot by contacting Fr Duffy on  0131 443 1317 or  to arrange a time for this sacrament to be celebrated.

Father says that more parents and carers are now getting in touch to book dates. Thanks very much for this. If you haven’t had a chance to do so, please try to in the coming weeks. Father was in our P4 class this week to speak to the pupils about the Sacrament and it’s meaning. It was a positive and informative visit.

*Please note that any pupil wishing to celebrate their First Holy Communion in 2021 must have also made their First Reconciliation.

Reporting Absence (Particularly with Reference to Possible Covid Symptoms)

Thank you for the sensible approach you are taking to gauging when children are not well enough to attend school. In the current circumstances of an ongoing pandemic, we need to remain cautious and follow appropriate guidelines. We very much appreciate that our parents and carers are doing this.

If you are calling us to report absence, please be specific in reporting reasons for absence. In cases where you are reporting any of the following symptoms relating to Covid-19

High Temperature

New and continuous cough

Loss of, or change in, the senses of taste and smell

please be advised that pupils with any of these symptoms must be tested and evidence of test result e-mailed to our admin account (

If a test is positive, pupils must have isolated for 10 days before returning to school 48 hours after symptoms have ceased. Siblings and families must isolate for 14 days.

If test result is negative, pupils should return to school once they have had 48 hours without any of the above symptoms.

Breakfast Club: Booking for Week Commencing 26th October is Now Open!

Breakfast Club is open daily from 8 am until pupils’ respective start times.  I would appreciate it if you could email if you wish to reserve a place for week beginning 26th October. Please note the Monday is an in-service day. Cost will be £1.50 per day for the first child and £1 per day for any additional children. If your child has free school meal entitlement, there is no charge. You still need to reserve a place via the admin mailbox. Once your child’s place is confirmed, money should be handed into the office on the Monday of each week in a sealed envelope marked with pupil names and amount of money enclosed.

Nursery Applications – Please See New Link Below

We are still awaiting an opening date for our nursery. In the meantime however, you can use the new link below to access an application form to apply for a place when the nursery opens, please select St Cuthbert’s as your first choice if you wish a place:

If you are interested in applying to St Cuthbert’s only, you do not need to accept a temporary place elsewhere. Temporary places can however be secured by entering a 2nd and 3rd choice on the online form. Pupils can then be transferred when St Cuthbert’s opens. However please be aware that a place at St Cuthbert’s is not guaranteed and places are allocated using the admissions criteria. 

Please hand or post in any completed forms to our office and please feel very welcome to ask if you have any questions.

Our Learning This Week in St Cuthbert’s Primary School

Please see this week’s learning below. I hope you enjoy reading it. Please also check out our school Twitter Account @stcuthbertsRCP when learning will be shared on the following days:

Monday  P1/P2
Tuesday  P7/LCC1/2
Wednesday  P4/P6
Thursday     P3/P5

P1 – This week P1 have been learning c and k and we are learning to read and spell in literacy. We have been estimating and measuring lengths and have been ordering and comparing items. We found out where metal came from and that some metals are magnetic. We did an investigation to see whether we could remove a paper clip from a glass of water without getting wet. We also made mazes for a magnetic person to travel along!

P2 –  In Literacy, P2 have been learning the ou sound. In Maths they have been using arrays to help them add. In health and wellbeing. They have been learning about how to create a happy place.

P3 – Literacy: We are learning to retell stories in a sequence through comic strips. Mathematics:  We are learning to recognise when a shape has symmetry. Numeracy: 

We are learning to count in jumps of 10’s and 1’s, describe and build arrays and to recognise patterns.

P4 – In Primary 4 we have been looking at different ways of using our prediction skills when reading. In our literacy we have been discovering new words and silly sentences and thinking about how to change the sentences so that they make sense.  In numeracy we are continuing to develop our speed and accuracy in our addition and subtraction.

P5 – In Primary 5, this week in Maths we have been learning to identify 3D objects from their nets. In Science, we have been learning how to conduct a fair test and used this to investigate which materials can dissolve in water. In RE we were learning more about the different parts of the Mass and revising the prayers.

P6 –  In Literacy, we are learning to create similes and metaphors with Mrs. MacLeish. 

In RE with Mr. Vilanova we are learning about the Story of the Children of Fatima. 

In Expressive Arts we are learning to create advertisements for the Titanic and the White Star Line by exploring different drawing techniques in lettering, line, shading and shape.

P7 – In P7 we have been learning about the five luminous mysteries in RE.

We have been furthering our understanding of the grid method and long multiplication in Numeracy lessons. We have been learning about Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii, writing newspaper articles with the information.

LCC – LCC2 have been learning about multiplication and perimeters. In Science we looked at the seeds of trees and made our own helicopters that acted like the seeds of a sycamore tree. And in art we added the black calming lines to complete our stained-glass windows. 

Head Teacher Availability

As above, please continue to feel very welcome at any time to contact me by phone or to e-mail our admin mailbox for my attention and I will respond as quickly as I can.

Mass Times at our local Parish – St. Cuthbert’s, Slateford

Fr Duffy passes on his best wishes to all of our families on their return to school. Attendance at Mass can now be secured by booking online. Please see details on the parish website.

Saturday 6pm – Vigil Mass

Sunday 10am – Parish Mass

Sunday 5pm – Additional Mass


Thanks again for your support in these challenging times. I hope that you and your families enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards.

Mr P Brack, Head Teacher

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