Newsletter 10: 16th October

St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School

Newsletter 10 – Friday 16th October 2020

St Cuthbert’s CARES We are: Creative Active Respectful Equal Supported

Good afternoon all,

Thank you for your support throughout this term. We hope you and your families have a restful time together in the half term holiday week. Please read the information below and as always let us know if you have any questions about the coming term. (0131 443 2621) or via our admin mailbox (

School October Holidays – Monday 19th October to Monday 26th October 2020

Please note the above dates. Monday 26th October is an in-service day. Staff will be in on this date but pupils resume on Tuesday 27th October 2020.

School Uniform Re-launch – From Tuesday 27th October 2020

We said in August, that for the initial weeks of term uniform would be optional, whilst we assessed the impact of outdoor learning. We are now in a position, where having reviewed the issue we would like uniform to be worn again throughout our school community.

Wearing school uniform helps create a feeling of oneness and belonging. Everyone is on the same ‘team’. A sense of loyalty emerges and everyone wearing the same uniform also promotes equality and fairness. Details of our recommended uniform are listed below:

COLOURS :Royal Blue Sweatshirts, fleeces and polo shirts in the school colour can be ordered online.

BLAZER: Royal Blue with Badge

TIE: Royal Blue and Yellow (these can be purchased from the school and P7 will be supplied with ties by the school, as part of their leadership role within our community)


Grey Skirt/Trousers

White polo shirt/White Blouse with school tie

Royal Blue School Sweatshirt/cardigan

Blazer/Royal Blue Fleece, School shoes – black


Grey Trousers

White polo shirt/White Shirt with school tie

Royal Blue School Sweatshirt

Blazer/Royal Blue Fleece, School shoes – black

The parts of the uniform that include school branding can be ordered via Borders Embroidery. See link below

Border Embroideries –

Other parts of the uniform can be purchased from local supermarkets and other clothing shops.

When the current situation changes, we hope to reinstate our uniform thrift shop that our parents established last year. We will let you know as soon as this is possible. In the meantime, please contact the school office if you require an item of clothing from the thrift shop – we would be very happy to help in any way we could.

Please note that uniform does not need to be worn on P.E. days.

P1 (Thurs) P2 (Mon) P3 (Mon and Thurs) P4 (Monday and Tuesday ) P5 (Mon and Thurs) P6 (Mon and Wed) P7 Friday (Mon and Wed) LCC2 (Thurs).

Finally, please note, as per the letter from Andy Gray, Chief Education Officer last week that we will continue to provide the safest learning environment possible in our school. As part of this endeavour, classrooms will require to maintain adequate ventilation and, while school heating systems will be fully utilised, it would be wise to consider extra layers of clothing.

Black History Month

We hope you enjoyed seeing the children’s learning on our twitter account this week.

Active Schools Co-ordinator in School Fortnightly from w/c 2nd November 2020

Fiona Damen has been seconded to our school on a fortnightly basis, where she will be working with all of our classes on outdoor games and activities during the school day to complement our existing P.E. Provision.

Rights Respecting Schools

We attached a letter to Learning Journals this week; explaining the schools aims and pathway for progressing childrens’ rights in our school. Please let us know if you have any questions about the information in the letter.

October Break – Scottish Government Advice

Please remember that the Scottish Government have advised against ALL overseas travel during the October holidays. If you must travel for essential reasons please be aware that the list of exempt countries may change at short notice, on public health grounds. This means you may have to isolate for fourteen days on your return.

New School Dinner Menus for Post October Holidays

Please remember that you have not already ordered a school lunch for week commencing, you will need to bring a packed lunch from home.

School Photographs – Tuesday 24th November 2020

At the moment, we are hopeful that Covid restrictions compliant, individual and family photos will be able to be taken in school on the above date. More information will follow nearer the time.

First Holy Communions Update – November 14th, 21st and 28th 2020

Fr Duffy will create two new letters after the October holidays:

1. The first will provide details of health and safety protocols for each celebration of First Holy Communion.

2. The second letter will ask for details of guests (all candidates are entitled to have 5 guests attend, this includes friends and family). This letter should be returned to our school office who will forward to Fr Duffy with strictest confidence.

Learning Journals – Registration

There are still a number of parents/carers who are not signed up to this important platform, which is used for reporting, termly sharing of learning and class specific letters. Please contact Mrs Holden via the school admin mailbox to register. Thank you.

Medical Appointments

I know this is really difficult to do, but wherever possible can appointments be made out of school hours or if this is not possible can pupils return to school after appointments to ensure that the minimum of educational time is lost.

Playground Bubbles and Social Distancing Outside Gates

The council have supplied printed footprints to help us distance out-with the gates. They have also painted guidelines to help clearly demarcate our existing playground bubbles. Thanks for your support with these measures this term.

P1 2021 Enrolment Week – w/c 9th November

The enrolment week this year is as above. I will supply further details as soon as I have them.

First Reconciliations Update (Current P4 Pupils Only) – Booking Now for December 2020

Parents/Carers of pupils who were in P3 last year and should have celebrated their First Reconciliation in March 2020, will have the opportunity to celebrate the sacrament in December: between the dates of Saturday 5th and Saturday 12th December. Parents/carers can select either a Saturday or weeknight slot by contacting Fr Duffy on 0131 443 1317 or to arrange a time for this sacrament to be celebrated.

*Please note that any pupil wishing to celebrate their First Holy Communion in 2021 must have also made their First Reconciliation.

Breakfast Club: Booking for Week Commencing 26th October is Now Open!

Breakfast Club is open daily from 8 am until pupils’ respective start times. I would appreciate it if you could email if you wish to reserve a place for week beginning 26th October. Please note the Monday is an in-service day. Cost will be £1.50 per day for the first child and £1 per day for any additional children. If your child has free school meal entitlement, there is no charge. You still need to reserve a place via the admin mailbox. Once your child’s place is confirmed, money should be handed into the office on the Monday of each week in a sealed envelope marked with pupil names and amount of money enclosed.

Nursery Applications – Please See New Link Below

We are still awaiting an opening date for our nursery. In the meantime however, you can use the new link below to access an application form to apply for a place when the nursery opens, please select St Cuthbert’s as your first choice if you wish a place:

If you are interested in applying to St Cuthbert’s only, you do not need to accept a temporary place elsewhere. Temporary places can however be secured by entering a 2nd and 3rd choice on the online form. Pupils can then be transferred when St Cuthbert’s opens. However please be aware that a place at St Cuthbert’s is not guaranteed and places are allocated using the admissions criteria.

Please hand or post in any completed forms to our office and please feel very welcome to ask if you have any questions.

Our Learning This Week in St Cuthbert’s Primary School

Please see this week’s learning below. I hope you enjoy reading it. Please also check out our school Twitter Account @stcuthbertsRCP when learning will be shared on the following days:

Monday P1/P2 Tuesday P7/LCC1/2 Wednesday P4/P6 Thursday P3/P5

P1 – In Literacy we have learned the sounds u and b. The children are getting better and better at blending sounds to read words and decoding to spell them.

In Maths we have been sequencing and ordering numbers to either 10, 20 or 30.

We enjoyed our STEM project; planning, building, and evaluating our 3 little pigs houses using our knowledge of the properties of materials. You can see the results on Learning Journals.

P2 – Numeracy: Number squares and where the numbers fit into the number squares. Literacy: Forming sentences in different formats. HWB: Eco reviews.

P3 – This week Primary 3 have been learning to recognise and draw symmetrical objects, indoors and outdoors. As part of the Black History Month we have been learning about Rosa Parks’ life as a significant individual. In Music, we have been learning to clap and write rhythmic patterns.

P4 – Primary 4 have been learning lots about Black History over the past two weeks. This week we have been learning more about important black historical figures and we have chosen our favourites to create fact files on and display in our classroom. In art we have learned about an influential black artist and we have even had a go at replicating a piece of her work.

P5 – We have been learning about Rosa Parks and how she worked hard to have the unfair and racist laws changed in the USA. In RE we have been learning about the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary and what they tell us about the life of Jesus. In Social Studies, we

have also been learning about how to work towards keeping our Green Flag by monitoring Litter and Water use.

P6 – In Numeracy we have been learning how to solve calculations using grid multiplication. In Literacy we have been learning to write a ‘letter in a bottle’. Some of our class have written their letters from on board the sinking Titanic, others have written from the future, or from a deserted island! In Social Studies for Black History Month we have been learning about and celebrating the lives of those who campaigned for civil rights in the USA, influential figures such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jnr.

P7 – We have been using the bus stop method in short division. We have been learning about the Abolition Act of 1807. We have been consolidating our spelling by playing spelling basketball.

LCC1 – Literacy: Initial sounds SH and CH, Listening Skills, Writing: Sequencing the Monkey Puzzle and retelling the story in our own words. Maths: Naming 2D shapes – identifying shape by counting sides and corners. HWB – Structured Play to develop turn taking and sharing

LCC2 – Literacy: Spelling of common words. Writing: Continuation of a story from a visual prompt. Numeracy: Arrays using the 4 times table. Perimeter of a 2D shape

Head Teacher Availability

As above, please continue to feel very welcome at any time to contact me by phone or to e-mail our admin mailbox for my attention and I will respond as quickly as I can.

Mass Times at our local Parish – St. Cuthbert’s, Slateford

Fr Duffy passes on his best wishes to all of our families. Attendance at Mass can now be secured by booking online. Please see details on the parish website.

Saturday 6pm – Vigil Mass

Sunday 10am – Parish Mass

Sunday 5pm – Additional Mass


Thanks again for your support in these challenging times. You have been really cooperative and understanding of our changes, which is much appreciated. I hope that you and your families enjoy the holiday.

Kind regards.

Mr P Brack, Head Teacher

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