Newsletter 22: Friday 22nd January

     St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School

                           Newsletter 22– Friday 29th January 2021

                                   St Cuthbert’s CARES We are: Creative Active Respectful Equal Supported

Good afternoon,

Please see this week’s newsletter below which seeks to update you on all matters related to the life of our school and to share as much information as we can with you on a weekly basis. As always, please let us know if you have any questions about the contents or any other school related matter. Please never hesitate to do this, we, like you, appreciate the huge importance of communication, especially in the current circumstances. We can be contacted on (0131 443 2621) or via our admin mailbox ( Our nursery can now be contacted separately at:

Microsoft 365/Teams Issues Across Edinburgh

We apologise for any difficulties accessing Teams on Thursday and Friday. This was an Edinburgh wide issue, which has now been resolved.

Scottish Government Update – Tuesday 2nd February 2021

After a meeting on Tuesday, the First Minister will update the country on the Scottish Government’s plans for schools going forward. Both City of Edinburgh Council and ourselves will keep parents and carers informed of any changes.

February Holiday – Monday 8th February – Monday 15th February Inclusive

Please note that there will be no digital learning or hub provision for the duration of the February mid-term holiday. Online learning (and the school hub for those entitled to places) will resume on Tuesday 16th February 2021.

Locating Lessons and Handing in Work on Teams – Class by Class Explanation

Each week, we are trying to share helpful tips and information re digital learning. This week, please see guidance below re how learning is organised within each class Team:

  • P1 –Visual overview of the day is located on posts, Mrs M talks about the plan for the day at the 9.00 meeting. Explanatory materials are located in the virtual classroom PDF in Assignments tab along with additional supporting resources.
  • P2 – Video introduction to the day’s plan is placed on posts. Work and resources can all be found under Assignments tab.
  • P3 – Overview of the day is located in the General channel under posts as an audio file. Explanations of the daily tasks and links are located under the Assignments tab. Tasks for completion and hand in can be found within the resources section within each Assignment. The “Ask the Teacher” channel is available for any questions or comments.
  • P4 – The overview of the day is in Assignments. Here also are tasks for completion with all the reference materials. One of these is a planner doc. which provides more detailed plans for the day including links to apps and websites. There are audio messages and some links to apps under Posts tab.
  • P5 –Everything needed for the day’s work is in a folder in Class Materials within the Files tab. This folder has the day’s day/date. Sub folders within each day’s work organised for the 3 curricular areas. Daily audio explanation of work is in there too. Maths worksheet, literacy docs for writing etc, can also be found on the assignments tab.
  • P6 -In P6, the overview of the day and audio explanations can be found in Assignments and posted into the general channel by 9pm on the evening before it is due. Explanatory materials and resources are in Files> Class Materials> January/February Home Learning folders>Individual day for example ‘Thursday 28th January’.  Evidence of work can be handed into Assignments to receive feedback. 
  • P7 – A meeting is held every Monday, during the course of which the plan for the day is shared. P7 overview of work is attached to the assignment each day and is also located in the file section. Learning resources and materials are located in Files, in a folder named Monday-Friday.
  • LCC1 – On the LCC1 page, links to the visuals and songs we use for Morning Circle, maths and numeracy are included in our class note book. Separate folders are also set up in the ‘files’ tab for morning routines, numeracy and literacy.
  • LCC2 – Work posted in both files and assignments. Additional work also provided under files tab.  Some videos and video ppts from the Clickview platform are also shared via posts.

Digital Learning – Your Questions and Views – Survey to Follow

Please continue to ask questions, raise any concerns or make suggestions to help us improve our digital learning offer. We will be sharing our Digital Learning Provision survey via Learning Journals today. We look forward to hearing your views.

Scottish Poetry, Song and Dance

Thanks to all those pupils and families who shared Scots themed performances on their class team or school twitter account.

Nursery Update

Nearly all families have now collected their home learning packs. Thank you! The response to our weekly structured pattern of activities also seems to be very positive (we will send out a nursery parent survey next week in order to get a more detailed response). Please keep following our nursery twitter account @stcnurseryclass and call us on 0131 443 2621 or e-mail if you have any questions.

Absence from Digital Learning and School

Please note that the expectation from City of Edinburgh Council, is that pupils should take part in daily digital learning from home (or within the school hub, if they have been allocated a place). If your child is unwell and cannot engage with digital learning at home or within the school hub, please contact us, as we have been asked to record such absences by City of Edinburgh Council, just as we would do if someone is absent in normal circumstances.

Stationery Resources

We had a very enthusiastic uptake of our resources on Tuesday. Thank you! We hope you found them useful. We will announce the next date for the sharing of these resources after the February holiday.

Families Edinburgh – Online Magazine.

Please see message and link below from this publication:

Our latest issue is just out and has lots of free downloadable content for families to use – crafts, audio books, ideas for getting outside as well as support for mental health.

You can read the magazine here and the long link is

St Cuthbert’s, Slateford and Our Lady’s, Currie

Please continue to check the Parish website for details and updates. See below:


Have a restful weekend!

Mr P Brack, Head Teacher and all at St Cuthbert’s School

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