Arrangements for Week Beginning 15th March 2021

Dear parents and carers, 

Please see details below of arrangements for our return to school on Monday 15th March. Please refer to last week’s school newsletter re details relating to school lunches that week. Parents and carers of pupils in P5, P6 & P7 should note that independent tasks will be put on Teams on Friday 12th March but that there will be no teacher interaction that day, as teaching staff will  be in school preparing for our return (P4 arrangements were communicated separately).

Please note that indoor P.E is still not permitted so this subject will be held outside for the time being. Teachers will advise pupils upon their return as to which days they plan to teach P.E on. Pupils may come to school in hoodies, tracksuits or other sports clothing suitable to the weather on those days. On all other days uniform should be worn.

Please ensure that social distancing is maintained and masks worn at all times within the vicinity of the school.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday. If you have any questions relating to this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ClassPlaygroundAccess for Parents/CarersEnter and Exit School By:Start TimeEnd of Day Wed/ThursEnd of DayFriday
P1Yes, via side entrance gate onlyP1 class door8.45am2.50pm12.10pm
P2Yes, via side entrance gate onlyP2 Infant Entrance9am3.05pm12.25pm
P3Yes, via main entrance gateMain Door8.55am3.20pm12.30pm
P4No Main Door9.05am3.30pm12.40pm
P5NoUpper School Entrance8.55am3.20pm12.30pm
P6NoUpper School Entrance9am3.25pm12.35pm
P7NoUpper School Entrance9.05am3.30pm12.40pm
LCC1Yes, via side entrance gate.LCC Door 8.55am 3.20pm12.20pm
LCC2Yes, via side entrance gate.LCC Door 8.55am 3.20pm12.20pm

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