Newsletter 2 – Friday 20th August 2021

  St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School

  Newsletter 2 – Friday 20th August 2021

 St Cuthbert’s CARES We are:
Creative Active Respectful Equal Supported

Welcome back everyone,

We hope you and your families have had a great summer andyour children will have a great academic year 2021-22. Please note, for any new parents/carers that these newsletters come out weekly on a Friday afternoon and can be accessed via our website, Learning Journals and the school app. If you need help finding or joining any of these platforms please let us know.

Contacting Us

Your comments and questions are always welcomed, we can be contacted via:• Phone – 0131 443 2621• E-mail – (school) and (nursery)

We will always try to respond as quickly as we can.  

P.E Days

Please remember that pupils can now change in school and uniform should be worn on all days.

P1 –  Monday & Thursday                             

P2 –  Tuesday & Friday

P3 –  Monday & Tuesday

P4 –  Tuesday & Wednesday

P5 – Monday & Thursday

P6 – Monday & Friday

P7 – Monday & Wednesday

LCC1 & 2  Tuesday & Thursday

Sharing Learning Via Twitter

Learning will be shared digitally on the following days

Monday – P1 & P2

Tuesday – P7, LCC1 & 2

Wednesday – P4 & P6

Thursday – P3 & P5

Friday – Star Learners and the Pupils of the Week

These posts will commence next week.


This will commence week starting 14th September. Further details to follow.

School Uniform – Thank you and Further Information

Thank you so much for the efforts you have made to ensure that your children have returned to school wearing uniform which helps foster our sense of a shared identify and set the standard of high expectations across the school.

Our new P7 ties should be with us by 6th September. At that point we will distribute them in the expectation that they will be worn daily to help P7 set an example as role models for the school. P6 pupils will also be given a school tie as they are also senior pupils who we want to encourage to act as role models to our learning community. 

P4 Scottish Government Funded Meals for All

The Scottish Government initiative to provide Free Meals for School Children has now been extended to include P4.   After Christmas, all children in school will be entitled to a free meal at lunch time.

Please note this new entitlement for P4 can now be accessed via Parent Pay. 

Please ask if you have any questions.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club resumed successfully this week and bookings for next week can be made by contacting the school office.  All children attending will require to have new registration forms completed on their first day of attendance and correct money should be handed in to the office in an envelope marked with your child’s name and the days you wish to reserve spaces for. 

Cost £1.50 per day first child and £1 for additional siblings

Nursery Update

The Team were delighted to welcome back our returning nursery boys & girls this week. We think everyone looks that wee bit more grown up! We have been developing our garden over the summer and the children have been exploring our new den and water area.

Great news for our team – Kathleen, our part-time Early Years Assistant has accepted a full-time position, and George, formerly our Early Years Assistant has accepted a promoted-post as an Early Years Practitioner. Congratulations to both.

To keep up to date with what’s happening in nursery and more, follow us on Twitter:

St Cuthbert’s RC Nursery Class (@StCNurseryClass) / Twitter

Please be aware that all our term-time places have now been allocated for children returning/starting nursery in August 2021 (option 1). We still have Option 2 and Option 3 places available, see below for details. 

Option 2Option 3
2 DAYS + 19 Flexi Fridays Full Year(50 weeks) Monday    8:00am – 6:00pmTuesday     8:00am – 6:00pm1st & 2nd Friday of each month 2 DAYS + 11 Flexi FridaysFull Year (50 weeks)Wednesday 8:00am – 6:00pm Thursday      8:00am – 6pm3rd Friday of each month 

If you would like to apply, please find below a link to the City of Edinburgh Council website, where you can download a nursery application.

Please bring (or post) the application, along with a copy of your child’s birth certificate and proof of home address – e.g. Council Tax letter or utility bill, to:

St Cuthbert’s Early learning & Childcare

St Cuthbert’s R C Primary School

9 Hutchison Crossway, 


EH14 1RP

Alternatively, you can email your application along with supporting documents to:

Please be aware that a place at St Cuthbert’s is not guaranteed, as places are allocated using the City of Edinburgh Council Admission Policy. 

St Cuthbert’s, Slateford and Our Lady’s, Currie/Fr Aidan

Fr Aidan, will continue to be our acting school chaplain and will say Mass at both St Cuthbert’s and Our Lady’s Currie in the short term. We hope to hear from the Archdiocese about more permanent plans shortly and will share these as soon as we have them. In the meantime, we thank Fr Aidan for the amazing support, priestly and pastoral care he has provided.

Please see website for details of times and how to book a place.

Summary of Covid Restrictions as they Currently Stand

Changes:• Pupils who are direct contacts of positive Covid cases no longer have to isolate if they have a PCR Test and test negatively (fuller information on this process in next week’s newsletter).• Bubble system has now ended within the school day. This means that pupils will no longer be restricted to particular zones at breaks and can play with pupils from classes other than their own. • Restrictions removed on P.E, Drama, Music and Dance. This means that pupils can now sing and can also use changing facilities for P.E. meaning that pupils no longer need to come to school on P.E days wearing sports clothes but should instead wear uniform and bring P.E. kit to change into.• Lunch Hall – we plan to gradually progress our classes use of the lunch hall with the aim being to return to pre-covid normality by October.


Most other mitigations from last year such as regular hand washing, the wearing of masks by adults in communal areas, one-way systems within the school, no assemblies or large scale gatherings, staggered start and finish times are retained under review for the first six weeks of term. Pupils who test positive will continue to isolate for 10 days.


Have a good weekend, we look forward to seeing you and your families next week. 

Mr P BrackHead Teacher and all at St Cuthbert’s School

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