Newsletter 9– Friday 8th October 2021

     St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School

                           Newsletter 9– Friday 8th October 2021

                                   St Cuthbert’s CARES We are: Creative Active Respectful Equal Supported

Good afternoon everyone,

Thank you for taking time to read through the information below. As always, please ask if you have any questions. See contact details at the bottom of this newsletter.

Return to Standard Timings from Tuesday 26th October 2021

Please note that from this date onwards we will revert to our pre Covid school day. Should we at any stage (God forbid) experience a resurgence of Covid cases, staggered timings may have to be re-introduced but otherwise the plan is that these standard timings will remain in place for the rest of the school year. We realise that balancing these different starting times has been challenging for families and thank you for your support and patience. We hope this change will make your mornings a bit easier for you.

Finally, please note that pupils will now be able to enter the playground pre morning bell but that footballs should not be taken into the playground area.

ClassStartFinish (Mon-Thurs)Finish (Friday)

Parent Consultations

Thank you to all who have taken part in these valuable discussions this week. The final consultations will conclude next week. Please remember to be available for your allocated telephone call or Teams meeting (which if you responded to our initial letter will be on the day and within the timeframe you chose or if you did not reply to that letter, will take place at the time we allocated you which is shown on the slips we sent home). If you have any questions at all about these consultations please let us know.

School Milk

Unfortunately it appears that several parents have paid for milk twice.  Those doing so paid once when orders were originally requested in May/June for starting back in August and then a second time this month .   It is quite a lengthy process to refund money through ParentPay so please, if you paid for milk earlier this year, do not pay again.   Those who have paid twice will have their money refunded in due course. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this issue.

School Lunches

If you wish your child to have a school lunch on the week we return from the October break (Tuesday 26th October), please note that this MUST be booked no later than Wednesday 13th October.  If you do not book a school lunch please remember to send a lunch from home.

Easyfundraising – Feel Good Shopping (Information Only – No Obligation)

Easyfundraising is the UK’s biggest charity shopping site.  It’s simple and free to use and can turn your online shopping into free donations for our School Fund.   If you haven’t signed up as yet and would like to do so, the process is easy and completely free.  There are over 6,000 shops and sites which donate to our School Fund when you use easyfundraising to do your everyday/Christmas online shopping, and at no extra cost to you!  If you are interested, please have a look at the website, ( register and search ‘causes’ for St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School, Edinburgh, start shopping and help boost our School Fund!

P7 School Camp Opportunity

Thank you for your response which was overwhelmingly in favour of taking up the opportunity. More information will follow as soon as it becomes available.

Learning Conversation with P4

This will take place week beginning 25th October and reported in that week’s newsletter.

St Cuthbert’s School Football Team

Another victory for St Cuthbert’s versus South Morningside on Saturday. A closer contest this time resulted in a 5-3 victory. Well done all! The team’s next match is at home to St Peter’s Primary school on Saturday.

Active Schools Information

Please see attached separately with this newsletter, information regarding a P3-7 Multi-sports camp to be held during the holiday week. Please also see separately attached details re a P6-S2 Rugby Club at Forrester High School.

Lost Property

There is still a large amount of this on our premises, please try to put names on items so they can more easily be re-united with their owners. We will keep our current stock until we break for the October holiday, please feel very welcome to come and look through if you wish. Items left on October 15th will be recycled.

St Cuthbert’s, Slateford and Our Lady’s, Currie/New Temporary Priest

Fr Aidan left us with our thanks last week. He will be temporarily replaced by Fr John Peter from the Cathedral until a full-time replacement can be announced. We hope to meet with Fr John Peter soon and look forward to working with him during his time with us.

Contacting Us

Your comments and questions are always welcomed, we can be contacted via (nursery)

We will always try to respond as quickly as we can. 

Nursery Update

This week’s soggy conditions have not put our children off venturing outside. There has been lots of outdoor activity: Splashy footprint painting, hunting for insects in the garden to populate our bug hotel, Goldilocks roleplaying and, of course, another giant volcano!

Next week we will be looking at floating and sinking. Children have frequent experiences with objects floating and sinking in the bath, in a swimming pool or at the beach. They form understandings from an early age about these ideas and equally importantly the words used to describe them. Children tend to pay little attention to why things float or sink so the team support the children to perform simple tests on objects in water to help them develop an understanding of the forces involved in floating and sinking.

We will also continue to explore Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as there is so much more to discover in this favourite fairy tale.

Stay up to date with your child’s learning by logging in to their profile on Learning Journals: Your Learning Journals.

Catch up with what is going on in nursery and find out the latest information about Early Years in Scotland on Twitter: St Cuthbert’s RC Nursery Class (@StCNurseryClass) / Twitter


Have a great weekend – let’s hope the weather improves.

Mr P Brack, Head Teacher and all at St Cuthbert’s School

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