Newsletter 11 – Friday 29th October 2021

     St. Cuthbert’s RC Primary School

                           Newsletter 11– Friday 29th October 2021

                                   St Cuthbert’s CARES We are: Creative Active Respectful Equal Supported

Good afternoon everyone,

We hope you and your families had an enjoyable holiday last week. Please see the first newsletter of this term below:

P1 Enrolment August 2022

If your child’s date of birth is between 1st March 2017 and 28th February 2018, they will be due to start Primary 1 in August 2022.

Please register them online ( between 1st to 19th November 2021. If you are an entirely new prospective parent/carer to our school community please check our school website for more information about the school.

P7 School Camp Information (Teams) Meeting 3rd November

Mrs Mulvagh sent out the invites for this online meeting last week via your pupil’s Teams and Outlook Accounts. Please contact the school if you have not received an invite or are have any questions about accessing this meeting.

P5 Swimming – Resumes Thursday 4th November

Swimming was cancelled by our instructors this week but will resume next week. The final week’s swimming for P5 will take place on 25th November. We are very grateful to our parent helpers who have supported the class’ participation in this important aspect of the curriculum. P4 will have the opportunity of a block of lessons starting 2nd December until 27th January 2022.  The P4 letter will be sent out mid November and once again, we will require parent helpers to accompany the class to and from Dalry Swim Centre. Please let us know if you are able to help.

Return to Standard School Day Timings

Thank you for your cooperation with our return to our pre-Covid timings. Please note that should Covid Cases ever reach a level that causes concern staggered timings may have to be re-introduced but otherwise the plan is that these standard timings will remain in place for the rest of the school year up to the end of June. Our aim is still to avoid gatherings of parents/carers wherever possible and we have noticed that some of our P1 and P2 parents have been arriving early and congregating in the infant playground. Can you please try to arrive as close to pick up time as possible to avoid this. Thank you very much.

PSA Staff Retirement – Mrs Liz Krol

Mrs Liz Krol retired this week. She has worked in our school as a PSA for over twenty years and has shared her knowledge and understanding helping hundreds of children with their education during this time.   I am sure you will all join me in wishing Mrs Krol a very long and happy retirement.

All Saints Day

Please note that online Mass will be provided for pupils on Monday for this important Christian Feast Day. Pupils will also learn about the feast in their R,E. lessons next week.


We extend our good wishes to all of our families who will be celebrating Diwali next week. The festival will be acknowledged in each of our classes learning next week. Each class will also have the opportunity to see an exhibition of traditional Indian dance performed by some our pupils to celebrate the day.

Black History Month

Black History Month comes to an end in the school this week. The children have learned a lot about promoting equality, understanding and celebrating difference. I hope you enjoyed seeing their work on our recent weekly tweets.

Dyslexia Awareness Week – Message from Mrs MacLeish, Support for Learning Teacher

Next week is Dyslexia Awareness Week and the school will be spreading awareness of dyslexia by offering pupils and staff the opportunity to wear Ellie’s blue ribbon.  

Ellie was Dyslexia Scotland’s first Young Ambassador. She came up with the idea of a blue ribbon for dyslexia to raise awareness.  Here’s what she said when she launched the blue ribbon.

“I want children to feel comfortable with their dyslexia and not to have to hide it away. Most children don’t want to tell their friends about it because they are ashamed or embarrassed.  I want to educate people so that they understand that dyslexics are creative out of the box thinkers and that we are just as clever as everyone else. I want them to embrace their dyslexia and achieve their goals.”

The theme of this year’s Dyslexia Awareness Week is Destination Dyslexia: a route map.  

The aim is to make Scotland a dyslexia friendly destination for every person who has dyslexia.  A dyslexia friendly society is one where everyone understands dyslexia and how it impacts the 1 in 10 children and adults who are dyslexic.  Over the course of the week, pupils will be learning about dyslexia, including associated strengths and difficulties.   

Easyfundraising – Feel Good Shopping (Information Only – No Obligation)

Easyfundraising is the UK’s biggest charity shopping site.  It’s simple and free to use and can turn your online shopping into free donations for our School Fund.   If you haven’t signed up as yet and would like to do so, the process is easy and completely free.  There are over 6,000 shops and sites which donate to our School Fund when you use easyfundraising to do your everyday/Christmas online shopping, and at no extra cost to you!  If you are interested, please have a look at the website, ( register and search ‘causes’ for St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School, Edinburgh, start shopping and help boost our School Fund!

Learning Conversation with P4

This took place today and was really positive. One of our school improvement focus areas is Writing and the class had been writing diary entries this week. Listed strengths included: writing in the past tense and first person, using adjectives to engage an audience and expressing thoughts and feelings. The pupils were really aware of the importance of using success criteria and self assessment to help them understand their strengths and next steps. Their next steps included improved punctuation, adding more adjectives and planning more clearly. The pupils understood that the best way to achieve their next steps was to learn from previous pieces of work, practice what they need to improve and to check their work during the writing process as well as after it. It was a great conversation and the class were a credit to themselves and Miss Pusker.

St Cuthbert’s, Slateford and Our Lady’s, Currie/New Temporary Priest

Fr John Peter from the Cathedral will be our temporary school chaplain until further notice. We appreciate his ministry and support.

Contacting Us

Your comments and questions are always welcomed, we can be contacted via (nursery)

We will always try to respond as quickly as we can. 

Nursery Update

Today was our Halloween party! Lots of fun with sensory squidgy play, Halloween songs, exciting games and a spooky snack; what a great way to end the week!

Next week we will be focusing on relationships and emotional health & wellbeing. We will be introducing The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. In this fabulous story, the little colour monster is having a hard time, as his feelings are all jumbled up. He is red, green, yellow, blue and black, all at the same time. It’s making him very confused and he doesn’t know why. Luckily, help is at hand and the colour monster learns to make sense of his mixed-up emotions by labelling them, which leads to a heart-warming conclusion. In this striking book, the reader is invited to join the colour monster on his journey, as he is guided through his emotions one by one, through a series of beautiful collage-effect illustrations, which add depth, energy and intensity. It can be read as a simple story about friendship, but can also help children to recognise, discuss and label emotions, providing them with vital emotional literacy skills.

To listen to the story with your child please click on the link below.

As Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night are fast approaching, and the skies are lit up with fireworks and bonfires, we will be emphasising the importance of fire safety. We will responsibly explore fire as an essential element, alongside water, air and earth.

Finally, as next week’s weather forecast is just as bad as this week, please remember waterproof jackets and wellies, and some clothing changes.


Have a great weekend.

Mr P Brack, Head Teacher and all at St Cuthbert’s School

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