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Welcome to our 2016/2017 ECO Page

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We’re St Cuthbert’s ECO school.

We recycle because it’s cool.

Looking after the world is fun.

Keep our planet number one!

Pick up litter!

Don’t be mean!

Let’s go GREEN with the ECO team!


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Primary 7 –    Kori and Craig

Primary 6 –    Kody and Sean

Primary 5 –    Kuba and Araceli

Primary 4 –    Julia and Katie

Primary 3 –    Joe and Miriam

Primary 2 –    Fabian and Nicole

Primary 1 –    Oliver and Erynne

ECO Schools Coordinator –  Mrs Phillip

Parent Helper –  Mrs Van Tuyl



Eco News

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  • PRIORITIES 2016/2017
    We have successfully renewed our Green Flag for another 2 years. Well done everyone!
  • Our next ‘Rag Bag’ collection is on 3rd June. We’ll be using the money raised to impoving our school grounds.
  • Suggestions Box for how we can be a more ECO friendly school is outside the library. All suggestions welcome!

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Royal Bank of Scotland held a Book Swap in the bank for a month. The money from donations was given to the school and was used to buy shrubs and plants for our playground

Lloyds Bank have made significant improvements to our playground and have volunteered their services for 2017 to maintain the newly planted shrubs and bushes and  the Eco Team will come up with suggestions as to how best they can support us in the year ahead.

Local Council    As part of the Clean, Green Hutchison Campaign, our local Green Councillor has asked for the school to continue its involvement in a variety of projects such as bulb and seed planting and by helping the community tackle its litter problem.

Parents and community members continue to be involved in regular Gardening Days, helping with classes doing outdoor work for the community, and by sharing their many skills and talents to help us become an even more ECO friendly school.

Sainsburys donated seeds and compost to help us improve our school grounds.

The Corn Exchange gave us £500 to buy plants and planters.