Rights Respecting Schools

RRS Steering Group


Miss Docherty (Principal Teacher)


P1 – Erin and Jackson

P2 – Stephanie and Loukas

P3 – Vytaute and Malcolm

P4 – Gleannah and Amelia

P5 – Grace and Patryk

P6 – Egan and Daniel

P7 – Balquis Khan and Oliwia Frankowska

If you would like to find out more about the Rights Respecting schools Steering group, please look at these attachments which explain the rights of the child:


and the parental brochure which further explains how the school is working towards becoming a rights respecting school.


If you have any suggestions or could offer the school some support/help to fulfil this objective,  contact Miss Docherty, who will be happy to hear  your suggestions or how you could support.